The opening ceremony of the sidewalk reconstruction project in front of the 138 block of third A Macroryan!

Wed, Sep 13 2023 8:34 AM

The sidewalk in front of 138 Block of third A Macroryan, which was destroyed, will be reconstruct with the cooperation of the honorable people of Seyed Mirjan Agha Mosque.

Honorable Maulvi Saifullah Khalid, Financial & administrative deputy,  Honorable Mujahid Ansar, Technical and Operational deputy, Zabihullah Mutmaien  Maintenance and Care manager, and a number of Honorable residents of the third A Macroryan, participated in the opening ceremony. Respected Maulvi Saifullah Khalid, while thanking the residents of third A Macroryan, said that this is a good example of cooperation of  the  people with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and we will not hesitate to cooperation with the people any way. And we always try to provide fast and quality based services for the esteemed residents of Macroryans and related projects.

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Wed, Dec 06 2023 10:14 AM
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Qala Zaman sewage treatment plant will be activated again.

The sewage treatment plant of Qala Zaman Khan was built in 1346 for the purpose of sewage treatment. At that time state-of-the-art technology was used and it was considered the largest. . .

Mon, Dec 04 2023 10:31 AM
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!Fast steps towards electronic governance

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Sun, Dec 03 2023 12:39 PM
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!Educational seminar of windows 11 operating system was held

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