Summary of the Capacity Building Department working report!

Sun, Jun 04 2023 2:28 PM

Honorable Hafiz Seyyed Hamdullah Agha, Director of Capacity Building for Human Resources of the MRMC in relation to the activities and functions of this administration; He said:

According the job Description and work plan, this Department has arranged and sent the capacity improvement form to all relevant departments so that all departments can specify the programs they need and send them back to this Department. Later, this Department has included the annual plan considering the necessity of the relevant departments.

The annual work plan of this Department has been made according to the needs assessment form and job description, and it is being implemented according to the needs and priority given to the programs; Also, according to the work plan, this Department has conducted GIS programs, well construction, watergym and administrative and correctional management programs, and a large number of employees of the relevant departments have been trained.

This company is in contact with domestic and foreign departments and has a good coordination. They cooperate with this department if needed, so far they have trained the employees of this company outside the head office in the technical departments, and the trained employees will later hold workshops on the same occasion. The company has opened internal programs for employees so that other employees can continue to benefit from those programs.

  Recently, the Department of capacity building has held an administrative and correctional training program for a period of six days in two three-day periods, in which information has been given on the subjects of the basics of administration and a correctional and training program for employees; This Department always tries to hold workshops and seminars according to the needs of the employees, so that it is useful and valuable in the area of improving the capacity of the employees.

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