This organization is engaged in providing social, administrative, technical and accounting services to the residents of Macrorayon and other related projects.

Message from Director of Macroryan Repairing & Maintenance Corporation

3 months ago

Deciding to improve services and provide timely and high-quality services to the respected residents of Macroryan and related projects to raise the level of revenues of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and to gain the satisfaction of the residents our slogan 

Mawlawi Abdullah Muslim

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Thu, Mar 21 2024 12:12 PM
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The opening ceremony of the tree planting festival was held in the first Macroryan amusement park!

The opening ceremony of the tree planting festival today was held on 10/8/1445 (corresponding to 1/1/1403) with the presence of Mr. Mujahed Ansar، the technical and operational vice. . .

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Offer opening meeting of 20 shops in Macroryan Related Area

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