Introduction of the company:

Macroryan Repairing and Maintenance Corporation MRMC was established in 1967 to provide social services, first for 23 blocks and later for 49 blocks of Macroryans, under the name of Nader Shan Mina’s Department, which, by having a water supply system, sewerage, heating center, landscaping, and other engineering services, engaged in technical and houses purification services. This department currently provides 24-hour services for 128 Macroryan blocks and 140 project blocks. According to the mentioned corporation, in addition to completing its expenses, it is also obligated to pay taxes and benefits to the esteemed Ministry of Finance.

The department of Macroryan Repairing and Maintenance Corporation (MRMC) operated in accordance with the Macroryan Association articles and the regulation on the distribution of apartments that was published in Official Gazette No. 798(1422). According to the law on state-owned companies and the decree of the then president, all the legal entities of state-owned enterprises have been changed to state-owned companies. For this reason, the state-owned company for the protection and care of Macroryans operates according to the presidential decree 2653, dated 12/20/2020, and the approved company’s articles of association that were approved by Resolution No. 27, dated 08/12/2020, of the ministers' council within the framework of state-owned companies.


Creating and growing an excellent system with quality services that meet the needs of today’s residents and result in improvement and public welfare, to be extended to all our areas. They are equipped with modern scientific knowledge and have effective and efficient management, and at the level of service providers, they have a unique and prominent prestige and position with the people and the government and have finally developed into non-governmental areas, including all of Afghanistan.


Macroryan Repairing and Maintenance Corporation (MRMC) is currently operating as a reputable service department in the field of conservation and care of Macroryans and related projects in Kabul city. It provides the ground for balanced and prosperous development according to the needs of residents.

Goals Company

  • Development of Macroryan maintenance services and related projects with a view to the principles of effectiveness, quality, and safety.
  • Providing the ground for standard and timely maintenance of macroryan facilities and related projects.
  • Providing the ground for the company’s participation to achieve the goals of national development, economic growth, social development, and job creation.
  • Providing the ground for attracting private investment in the company.
  • Gain profit and strengthen the financial strength of the company.



  • Production and distribution of drinking water for 18 to 24 hours.
  • Transfer and treatment of sewage from residential blocks and government offices to Qala-e- Zaman Khan Water treatment plant in Kabul.
  • Drainage of government and private tankers at Qala-e-Wazir Pumping Station in Kabul.
  • Interior renovations of the apartments include piping, electricity, architecture, and carpentry.
  • Irrigation and landscaping of the first, second, third, fourth, and related macroryan areas.
  • Concentration and heat distribution of all Macroryan blocks.
  • Transfer of solid dirt from apartments.
  • To rent the excess surplus of the company (shops, containers, and other areas) to individuals.